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Blue's Journey ™

In this game, you play as hero and all around nice guy "Blue", who must defend his home planet of Raguy against the evil Daruma Empire. You'll be mesmerized by the breathtakingly rich visuals and unique moves of every monster you encounter in the lush tropical world.

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  • Bosconian ™

    Fight off a fleet of alien ships and huge space stations while swerving to avoid mines, asteroids and enemy fire. Do you have the skills to battle through all 255 levels and earn the highest score?

  • Alpha Mission

    Fire lasers and unload a barrage of bombs onto the enemy's base in this interstellar shoot-em-up. Play as the lone hero or take out the alien starcraft with a friend. Navigate the stars using the directional, fire and bomb buttons on your keyboard and save the Earth!

  • Alpha Mission II ™

    Tackle incredible missions by defeating enemy spacecraft and gaining new weapons and upgrades for your starship. You'll need to outfit your ship with the right material, as a massive boss is waiting for you at the end of each level

  • B - Wings ™

    B-Wings puts your small starcraft against some of the galaxies biggest baddies. Keep your wits about you and fire carefully, since you won't be able to stop moving forward in this unique space shooter. Outfit your ship with tons of incredible upgrades and let loose firepower like you've never seen!

  • Blue's Journey ™

    In this game, you play as hero and all around nice guy "Blue", who must defend his home planet of Raguy against the evil Daruma Empire. You'll be mesmerized by the breathtakingly rich visuals and unique moves of every monster you encounter in the lush tropical world.

  • Crossed Swords ™

    Use your sword and shield to attack and defend your golden armor-clad hero from an onslaught of demons and monsters as you struggle to rescue the princess in this fantasy role-playing game.

  • Express Raider ™

    Take on the role of a train robber as you fight your way past the bank's henchmen and draw your guns while on horseback in this exciting and thrilling western-style game

  • Ghost Pilots ™

    Climb into your seaplane and use weapons like the Mega Bomb or Magnetic Warhead to deal crippling blows to your enemies. Huge bosses such as tanks and massive bomber jets are aiming to send you crashing to the bottom of the sea.

  • Gondomania ™

    Pilot your futuristic airbike through a land brimming with sword-weilding soldiers, evil plants and ferocious dragons. Unique power-ups outfit your bike with extreme weapons.

  • Grobda ™

    Grobda places you in command of a high-speed assault tank capable of moving and firing in eight directions. Your Grobda comes equipped with a cannon capable of firing rapid bursts at foes as well as an energy shield that can block enemy attacks and collisions. Your turret moves more quickly than the tank itself, lending the action a slightly tactical feel: You must pick your actions carefully.

  • Ikari Warriors ™

    You've got a limited amount of ammunition and an onslaught of enemy soldiers coming at you! Fortunately, you can commandeer tanks to mow them down. Use your machine gun and grenades wisely!

  • Ikari Warriors II Victory Road

    Use flamethrowers, machine guns and powerful grenades to blow up anything along your path to Victory Road. Take on the enemy army with a friend and deal out twice as much punishment in this Ikari Warriors sequel

  • Ikari Warriors III The Rescue ™

    Your character can move and aim in eight directions -- left, right, up, down and diagonally. Your character can aim in a different direction than he is moving, which allows you to fire at enemies in one direction while dodging incoming fire from another.

  • Magician Lord ™

    You play as Elta the Wizard who is seeking to stop the evil wizard Gal from summoning a demon god. As a wizard, you can use many skills such as turning into a dragon, a ninja, a samurai or Poseidon to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

  • Metal Slug 2 ™

    You're a soldier in a race to defend the earth from attacking Martians - but this isn't your ordinary fighting game. You can turn into a mummy and even become obese in this game - and that alone makes it definitely worth trying out!

  • Metal Slug 3 ™

    New players, paths and an evil alien leader called Rootmars give a whole new twist to the exciting Metal Slug series. Interesting weapons like the Elephant Slug and Ostrich Slug give the player new weapons to unleash upon unsuspecting enemies. Oh, and you can turn into a zombie. Need we say more?

  • Metal Slug 4 ™

    Military computer systems have been overloaded by a vicious cyber-virus, and its up to you to stop it and the global terrorist Amadeus who created it. New weapons and the ability to turn into a monkey in the early stages of the game make this yet another thriller in the Metal Slug series.

  • Metal Slug 5 ™

    No monkies, zombies or mummies in this rendition of Metal Slug, although you do get three new vehicles including a spider-style slug with 360-degree Vulcan Cannon goodness. Now get out there and deal damage in the fierce, funny way that only Metal Slug can!

  • Nam - 1975 ™

    Move your traumatized trooper left and right with the controller. Moving the controller up or down will adjust the height of your crosshairs. Make sure to avoid enemy fire! Press the Run button to pick up the pace, and while running, press down to perform a somersault.

  • P.O.W. Prisoners of War ™

    Move with the WASD keys. Run by holding [Shift] while moving -- but remember that speed and stealth are mutually exclusive if you need to go unnoticed. When you approach an item to interact with, the I and II icons onscreen will change to show what you can do by clicking the left and right mouse buttons. For instance, if you stand at a door, you can click one button to peer through the keyhole or click the other to open it.

  • Prehistoric ™ Isle in 1930

    Press the one player start button to begin the game. If you'd like an especially adventurous friend to explore the island along with you, wait until the game begins, then press the two player start button to call on their assistance. Use the controller to move your biplane in any direction, and tap the fire button to fire your cannons.

  • Psycho Soldier

    Take on the part of the goddess Athena or her friend Kensu and turn into a magical phoenix or fire-breathing dragon as you seek to destroy an alien menace while helping to advance Athena's pop idol career.

  • Robo Army ™

    Go behind the visors of either Rocky or Maxima, two human cyborgs out to defend the earth from an invading robot army. Turn into a powerful buggy to run over opponents or use your massive thrusters to blast off of the ground and deliver a devastating attack.

  • Rolling Thunder ™ 2

    As Albatross or Leila, one of the members of the Rolling Thunder task force, your job is to gun down futuristic terrorist cyborgs and saving the world. Unique stages include south seaside resorts and the inside of an Egyptian pyramid, but only in the end will you discover the truth...

  • Rolling Thunder ™ 3

    You play as elite operative Jay as you generally dish out punishment to the underlings of criminal organization GELDRA. Use a variety of weapons including guns and grenades to super-powered jetskis and motorcycles in this unique run-and-gun game

  • Samurai Shodown ™

    Take on the role of a Japanese swordsman, an evil spirit, a Mayan warrior, a Kabuki performer and many more unique characters in this distinctive and challenging fighting game.

  • Sky Kid ™

    Sky Kids Red Baron and Blue Max must complete death-defying missions while flying their biplanes through rough terrain, crazy enemies and even loopy girls who blow them kisses (or turn into waving dogs if you shoot them!)

  • Street Smart ™

    Winning money, women and fame on the streets is your goal. As a karate killer or a wayward wrestler, you deal out bucketloads of punishment on your opponents (or each other) in order to win points, cash and get the girl.

  • Tank Battalion ™

    You are a lone tank commander in charge of protecting your headquarters against an army of invading tanks. What starts as a one-on-one tank battle soon progresses to a full out assault. Do you have the skills and firepower to thwart the Tank Batallion?

  • The Super Spy ™

    Using your martial arts expertise, along with a variety of weapons, take down terrorists in floor after floor of attacks, until you reach their boss, King, who is responsible for the death of thousands.

  • Tumblepop ™

    Strap on your vacuum cleaner, it's time to clean house! Suck up ghosts, mummies and aliens as you battle through interesting locations such as Paris, Rio, Egypt and even the Moon. Fire back the sucked-up monsters as projectiles against your enemies in this fun and addictive game!

  • Vanguard ™

    Pilot your starship, the Vanguard, against the alien Gond before the space colonies are destroyed! In a game truly ahead of its time, you'll enjoy the challenge and success that comes with completing every mission.

  • Vanguard ™ II

    The Vanguard is back and ready to take on a horde of alien satellites in this fun space shooter. Pilot together with a friend and destroy the alien armada before it destroys you!