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All Fighting Games

  • Art of Fighting ™

    In the original Art of Fighting, you take on the role of Ryo or Robert and fight to free Ryo's sister Yuri from the despicable Mr. Big. Use lethal karate moves and brutal special attacks to destroy the thugs in Southtown. If you like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, you'll love Art of Fighting.

  • Art of Fighting 2 ™

    The Art of Fighting takes one-on-one fighting games to the next level by letting you choose your hero and take on a variety of competitors, each with their own special skills and moves. Do you have what it takes to become the champion?

  • Art of Fighting 3

    Unleash your inner fighter with brutal combos in this 2D fighting game. Original character Ryo and Robert return along with eight new characters, each with their own unique attack strategies. Get out there and show 'em what you're made of!

  • Fatal Fury ™

    Select between one of three unique characters to battle your way to the King of Fighters, Geese Howard. A novel foreground and background fighting sequence makes every fight unpredictable!

  • Fatal Fury 2 ™

    Discover the unique background and special moves of one of eight distinct characters as you punch, kick and pummel your way up the championship ladder. If you enjoy fighting games, this is one you'll definitely want to try.

  • Karate Champ ™

    Do you have the skills to become the Karate Champ? Use punches and kicks to earn valuable points which can advance you to the next round. Every challenge gets harder, so you'll need to know which moves to use and when to dodge to win.

  • Ninja Commando ™

    Evil corporate boss Spider has built a time machine to destroy the future. It's up to three ninja commandos, Joe Tiger, Ryu Dragon and Rayar Eagle to use their ninja moves and special weapons to fight through various time periods and stop Spider before the future is altered forever.

  • Sengoku ™

    Fight against an ancient Japanese warlord and his army of the undead as you collect powerups that can turn you into a wide variety of heroes, including an armored wolf, a samurai or a ninja.

  • Street Fighter ® II Champion Edition

    For Champions Only! Street Fighter Champion Edition lets you test your mettle against your opponents as you rise to defeat the head of the tournament, M. Bison. Will you make it or will you end up as a bloody heap on the pavement?

  • Street Fighter ® Alpha

    With more than a dozen characters, each with their own unique moves and combos, you'll never run out of fun delivering brutal punishment to your opponents!

  • Street Fighter Alpha 2

    As a prequel to the original Street Fighter, you guide your character up the championship ladder to become the ultimate Street Fighter. Learn your moves well, because every opponent becomes increasingly harder to defeat as you progess!

  • Super Street Fighter ® II The New Challengers

    Wear down your opponent with an incredible arsenal of moves in Super Street Fighter, a game which continues the powerful pummeling made famous in previous Street Fighter Games. New fighters present exciting new challenges to fight through.

  • World Heroes ™

    The best fighters throughout history come together in a one-on-one competition unlike any other! Control historic warriors from around the world as they do battle to prove who is the ultimate fighter.

About Fighting Games

Fighting games generally involve one-on-one combat against an opponent, in a duel to the death. Rather than using eye-hand coordination or dexterity, players are required to memorize a character's "combos" or a chain of button or directional presses that execute some kind of death-defying move on the enemy. The earliest versus-style fighting games were Karate Champ and The Way of the Exploding Fist, both released on Atari home consoles in the mid 1980s. It wasn't until the Street Fighter series began in 1987, that fighting games were redefined and experienced a resurgence of popularity. The Street Fighter franchise was just the spark that the cash-embattled arcades were looking for, and although the popularity was short-lived, the series created many facets of the fighting genre that are popular to this day, including unlockable characters, special moves unique to that character and a ladder of champions to fight with each opponent becoming increasingly harder to defeat. In 1992, the Mortal Kombat series was the first to introduce fatalities, a bloody finish to a fight that could only be performed if a certain combination of buttons were pressed. In recent years, fighting games have evolved to include custom fighter creation, 3D models and stage creation to add more flair and excitement to the game.